The Beach Boys Ultimate Playlist


For my own use, I decided to begin compiling a complete, chronological* list of every Beach Boys studio recording that currently circulates. This list includes solo recordings as well. This list is intended to be used as a reference point for any fellow Beach Boys completionists. This list can also aid in the creation of “alternate album tracklists”, as you’ll have a good idea of what was in the can at any given point in time.

*Album tracks appear on their respective albums



Before we get started, here’s a quick breakdown of what you WON’T find included in this list:

  • Live recordings (This list is focused on studio recordings only)
  • Alternate takes, a Capellas, backing tracks, remixes, and other assorted sessions material (with a few exceptions)
  • Unreleased songs that do not circulate (This is meant to be a playlist that somebody could theoretically compile)
  • Solo material prior to a member’s involvement with The Beach Boys (So no pre-Beach Boys Bruce Johnston or Flames)
  • David Marks’ Solo Output (I may rectify this in the future, especially if this material becomes easier to get a hold of)
  • Brian Wilson’s productions for other artists (with a couple notable exceptions)
  • Compilations (Instead, I’ve taken all of the new songs from each compilation and slotted them into their proper chronological place)



I by no means claim that this list is 100% accurate. I’ve (rather hastily) compiled information from a few online sources and from CD/box set liner notes. Unreleased recordings are listed chronologically by the date of their last recording session according to Andrew G. Doe’s very informative website. If you have any suggestions for corrections or additions, please let me know. I will be updating this list periodically.


Where to Find Archival Releases

For all officially released archival tracks, I’ve also listed the name of a compilation on which it appears. Some songs have appeared on more than one archival release; for the sake of simplicity, I’ve only provided one listing for each song. If you feel that I haven’t listed the compilation with the definitive version of a given track, feel free to let me know.

Note: I’m talking about CDs. If you want a complete collection on vinyl… you’re out of luck.


Colour Codes

I’ve colour-coded the list for your convenience. Here’s what the different codes mean:

Black: Officially Released Beach Boys Recording

Gold: Officially Released Beach Boys Recording on an Extended Sessions Compilation

Red: Unreleased Beach Boys Recording That Circulates

Purple: Officially Released Solo Recording

Pink: Unreleased Solo Recording That Circulates


So, without further ado, here is the list.




Lavender [October 3] [Lost & Found (1961-62)]




Luau [January 15] [Lost & Found (1961-62)]

Judy [February 8] [Lost & Found (1961-62)]

Karate (Beach Boys Stomp [February 8] [Lost & Found (1961-62)]

The Beginning of the End [April 16] [The Big Beat 1963] [Unavailable On CD]

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring [April 19] [Made in California]

Barbie [April 22] [Lost & Found (1961-62)]

What Is A Young Girl Made Of [April 22] [Lost & Found (1961-62)]

Land Ahoy [September 5] [Surfin’ Safari / Surfin’ U.S.A.]

Cindy, Oh Cindy [September 13] [Surfin’ Safari / Surfin’ U.S.A.]


Surfin’ Safari [October 1, 1962]

Surfin’ Safari

County Fair

Ten Little Indians


Little Miss America



Heads You Win – Tails I Lose

Summertime Blues

Cuckoo Clock

Moon Dawg

The Shift


Gonna Hustle You [Early October] [The Big Beat 1963] [Unavailable On CD]




Punchline [January 2] [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]

The Baker Man [March 7] [Surfin’ Safari / Surfin’ U.S.A.]

Chopsticks Boogie [Spring]


Surfin’ USA [March 25, 1963]

Surfin’ U.S.A.

Farmer’s Daughter



Lonely Sea

Shut Down

Noble Surfer

Honky Tonk


Surf Jam

Let’s Go Trippin’

Finders Keepers


Back Home [June 14] [Made in California]


Surfer Girl [September 16, 1963]

Surfer Girl

Catch A Wave

The Surfer Moon

South Bay Surfer

The Rocking Surfer

Little Deuce Coupe

In My Room


Surfers Rule

Our Car Club

Your Summer Dream

Boogie Woodie


Bobby Left Me [October 18] [The Big Beat 1963] [Unavailable On CD]

The Lord’s Prayer [October 20] [Hawthorne CA]

Be True To Your School (Single Version) [October 28] [Made in California]

I Do [November 6] [Surfer Girl / Shut Down Vol. 2]

Mother May I [Unknown, 1963] [The Big Beat 1963] [Unavailable On CD]

First Rock and Roll Dance [Unknown, 1963] [The Big Beat 1963] [Unavailable On CD]

Thank Him [Unknown, 1963] [The Big Beat 1963] [Unavailable On CD]

Side 2 [Unknown, 1963] [The Big Beat 1963] [Unavailable On CD]

The Things We Did Last Summer [Before September 1963] [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]


Little Deuce Coupe [October 7, 1963]

Little Deuce Coupe

Ballad of Ole’ Betsy

Be True to Your School

Car Crazy Cutie

Cherry, Cherry Coupe


Shut Down

Spirit of America

Our Car Club

No-Go Showboat

A Young Man Is Gone

Custom Machine




Endless Sleep [February 18] [Keep An Eye On Summer: The Beach Boys Sessions 1964] [Unavailable On CD]


Shut Down Volume 2 [March 2, 1964]

Fun, Fun, Fun

Don’t Worry Baby

In The Parking Lot

“Cassius” Love Vs. “Sonny” Wilson

The Warmth of the Sun

This Car of Mine

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Pom Pom Play Girl

Keep an Eye on Summer

Shut Down Part II

Louie Louie

Denny’s Drums


Let’s Live (Before We Die) [April 29] [Keep An Eye On Summer: The Beach Boys Sessions 1964] [Unavailable On CD]

The Monkey’s Uncle [June 16] [Absolutely Disney – 40 Magical Masterpieces]


All Summer Long [July 13, 1964]

I Get Around

All Summer Long


Little Honda

We’ll Run Away

Carl’s Big Chance


Do You Remember

Girls on the Beach


Our Favourite Recording Sessions

Don’t Back Down


All Dressed Up For School [September 16] [Made in California]

Guess I’m Dumb [October 14] [Made in California]

Christmas Eve [Unknown, 1964] [Keep An Eye On Summer: The Beach Boys Sessions 1964] [Unavailable On CD]


The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album [November 9, 1964]

Little Saint Nick

The Man With All the Toys

Santa’s Bear

Merry Christmas Baby

Christmas Day

Frosty the Snowman

We Three Kings of Orient Are

Blue Christmas

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

White Christmas

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Auld Lang Syne


Karen [Unknown, 1964] [Televisions Greatest Hits Vol. 4: Black & White Classics]




The Beach Boys Today! [March 8, 1965]

Do You Wanna Dance

Good to My Baby

Don’t Hurt My Little Sister

When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)

Help Me, Ronda

Dance, Dance, Dance

Please Let Me Wonder

I’m So Young

Kiss Me, Baby

She Knows Me Too Well

In The Back of My Mind

Bull Session with the Big Daddy


Graduation Day [May 5] [Made in California]


Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) [July 5, 1965]

The Girl From New York City

Amusement Parks USA

Then I Kissed Her

Salt Lake City

Girl Don’t Tell Me

Help Me, Rhonda

California Girls

Let Him Run Wild

You’re So Good To Me

Summer Means New Love

I’m Bugged at My Ol’ Man

And Your Dream Comes True


Beach Boys’ Party! [November 8, 1965]

Hully Gully

I Should Have Known Better

Tell Me Why


Mountain of Love

You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

Devoted to You

Alley Oop

There’s No Other (Like My Baby)

Medley – I Get Around, Little Deuce Coupe

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Barbara Ann


The Beach Boys’ Party! Uncovered and Unplugged

Ticket to Ride

Blowin’ in the Wind

Ruby Baby

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Blowin’ In The Wind

Long Tall Sally

Heart and Soul

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

Hang On Sloopy

Twist and Shout

The Diary

She Belongs To Me (Laugh at Me)

Riot In Cell Block No. 9

One Kiss Lead to Another

Smokey Joe’s Café


The Little Girl (I Once Knew) [November 22] [Made in California]




Pet Sounds [May 16, 1966]

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

You Still Believe In Me

That’s Not Me

Don’t Talk, Put Your Head On My Shoulder

I’m Waiting for the Day

Let’s Go Away For Awhile

Sloop John B

God Only Knows

I Know There’s An Answer

Here Today

I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

Pet Sounds

Caroline No


The Pet Sounds Sessions

Trombone Dixie

Hang On To Your Ego




My Little Red Book [February 14]


The Smile Sessions [1966-1967]

Our Prayer


Heroes and Villains

Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)

I’m In Great Shape


My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter)



Look (Song for Children)

Child Is Father of the Man

Surf’s Up

I Wanna Be Around – Workshop



Wind Chimes

The Elements – Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow)

Love to Say Dada

Good Vibrations


You’re Welcome

He Gives Speeches

Surf’s Up (1967 Solo Version)

Tune X

I Don’t Know

Three Blind Mice

Teeter Totter Love

Heroes and Villains Part 1 [Made in California]

Heroes and Villains Part 2 [Made in California]

Good Vibrations (Early Take) [Smiley Smile – Wild Honey]


Lei’d In Hawaii [Unreleased, August 25-September 11 1967] [Sunshine Tomorrow]

Fred Vail Intro

The Letter

You’re So Good to Me

Help Me, Rhonda

California Girls

Surfer Girl

Sloop John B

With a Little Help From My Friends

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring

God Only Knows

Good Vibrations

Game of Love


Smiley Smile [September 18, 1967]

Heroes and Villains


Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (W. Woodpecker Symphony)

She’s Goin’ Bald

Little Pad

Good Vibrations

With Me Tonight

Wind Chimes

Getting’ Hungry


Whistle In


Wild Honey [December 18, 1967]

Wild Honey

Aren’t You Glad

I Was Made to Love Her

Country Air

A Thing or Two

I’d Love Just Once to See You

Here Comes the Night

Let the Wind Blow

How She Boogalooed It

Mama Says


Sunshine Tomorrow

Lonely Days

Can’t Wait Too Long

Hide Go Seek

Hawthorne Boulevard

Honey Get Home

Untitled (Redwood)




Walk On By [May 26] [Friends / 20/20]

Sail Plane Song [June 8] [Endless Harmony Soundtrack]

Old Folks At Home – Ol’ Man River [June 10] [Friends / 20/20]

Walkin’ [June 18 / 19]


Friends [June 24, 1968]

Meant For You


Wake the World

Be Here in the Mornin’

When a Man Needs a Woman

Passing By

Anna Lee, the Healer

Little Bird

Be Still

Busy Doin’ Nothin’

Diamond Head

Transcendental Meditation


Meant For You (Alternate Version) [Made in California]

I Believe in Miracles [Unknown, 1967, but works best as intro to CWTL] [Made in California]

Can’t Wait Too Long [July 25 / 26] [Smiley Smile / Wild Honey]

We’re Together Again [September 6] [Friends / 20/20]

A Time To Live In Dreams [November 1] [Hawthorne CA]

Mona Kana [November 15] [Made in California]




San Miguel [January 29] [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]


20/20 [February 10, 1969]

Do It Again

I Can Hear Music

Bluebirds Over the Mountain

Be With Me

All I Want to Do

The Nearest Faraway Place

Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)

I Went to Sleep

Time to Get Alone

Never Learn Not to Love

Our Prayer



Loop De Loop [March 11] [Endless Harmony Soundtrack]

Break Away [March 16] [Friends / 20/20]

Break Away (Alternate) [Made in California]

Celebrate The News [March 16] [Friends / 20/20]

I’m Going Your Way [July 14]

When Girls Get Together [November 4]

Soulful Old Man Sunshine [November 9] [Made in California]

Where Is She [Unknown, November] [Made in California]




I Just Got My Pay [January 5] [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]

Over the Waves [January 9]

Back Home (1970) [Unknown, January] [Made in California]

Susie Cincinnati (2012 Mix) [February 23] [Made in California]

Cottonfields [April 20] [Made in California]

Seasons In The Sun [August 4]

Big Sur (4/4 Version) [August 15]


Sunflower [August 31, 1970]

Slip On Through

This Whole World

Add Some Music to Your Day

Got to Know the Woman


It’s About Time

Tears in the Morning

All I Wanna Do


Our Sweet Love

At My Window

Cool, Cool Water


The Flame [October] [The Flames] [Psychedelic Essentials]

See the Light

Make It Easy

Hey Lord


Don’t Worry, Bill

Get Your Mind Made Up

Highs and Lows

I’m So Happy


Another Day Like Heaven

See the Light (Reprise)


My Solution [October 31]

Fallin’ In Love [December 4] [Made in California]

Sound of Free [December 4] [Made in California]

Sweet and Bitter [Unknown, 1970]




Barbara [April] [Endless Harmony Soundtrack]

(Wouldn’t It Be Nice To) Live Again [May 23] [Made in California]

Won’t You Tell Me [June 19]

It’s A New Day [July 8]

4th of July [Unknown, July] [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]


Surf’s Up [August 30, 1971]

Don’t Go Near the Water

Long Promised Read

Take a Load Off Your Feet

Disney Girls (1957)

Student Demonstration Time

Feel Flows

Lookin’ At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)

A Day in the Life of a Tree

’Til I Die

Surf’s Up


Awake [October 8]

I’ve Got A Friend [Late 1971]




Out in the Country [February 20]


Carl and the Passions – “So Tough” [May 15, 1972]

You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone

Here She Comes

He Come Down


Hold On Dear Brother

Make It Good

All This Is That

Cuddle Up


Carry Me Home [Summer 1972]

Hard Times [October 4]




Holland [January 8, 1973]

Sail On, Sailor


California Saga – I. Big Sur

California Saga – II. The Beaks of Eagles

California Saga – II. California

The Trader

Leaving This Town

Only With You

Funky Pretty

Mount Vernon and Fairway I. Mt. Vernon and Fairway (Theme)

Mount Vernon and Fairway II. I’m the Pied Piper (Instrumental)

Mount Vernon and Fairway III. Better Get Back in Bed

Mount Vernon and Fairway IV. Magic Transistor Radio

Mount Vernon and Fairway V. I’m the Pied Piper

Mount Vernon and Fairway VI. Radio King Dom


We Got Love [Holland Acoustic Sounds Reissue]

Fairy Tale Music [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]

Don’t You Just Know It [Unknown, 1973] [Brian Wilson & Jan Berry] [Unavailable On CD]




Rollin’ Up to Heaven [June 10]

My Love Lives On [August 20] [Made in California]

Barnyard Blues [October] [Made in California]

Lucy Jones [Fall 1974] [California Feeling 2]

Battle Hymn of the Republic [November 5]

Child Of Winter [December 23] [Ultimate Christmas]






Sea Cruise [March 9] [Ten Years of Harmony]

Mony Mony [March 15]

Runnin’ Bear [April 14]

Shake, Rattle & Roll [April 14]

Michael Row the Boat Ashore [April 29]

Short Skirts [May 8]


15 Big Ones [July 5, 1976]

Rock and Roll Music

It’s OK

Had to Phone Ya

Chapel of Love

Everyone’s In Love With You

Talk to Me

That Same Song

TM Song

Palisades Park

Susie Cincinnati

A Casual Look

Blueberry Hill

Back Home

In the Still of the Night

Just Once in My Life


Rock And Roll Music (2012 Mix) [Made in California]

It’s OK (Alternate Mix) [Made in California]

Marilyn Rovell [August 21]

Sherry She Needs Me [August 21] [Made in California]

We Gotta Groove [Fall 1976]

That Special Feeling [Fall 1976]

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling [Fall 1976] [Made in California]

Lazy Lizzie [Fall 1976]

Ruby Baby [October 2]

Hey There Moma [October 27]




New England Waltz [March]


Love You [April 11, 1977]

Let Us Go On This Way

Roller Skating Child


Johnny Carson

Good Time

Honkin’ Down the Highway

Ding Dang

Solar System

The Night Was So Young

I’ll Bet He’s Nice

Let’s Put Our Hearts Together

I Wanna Pick You Up


Love is a Woman


Going Public [May 1977] [Bruce Johnston]

I Write the Songs


Thank You, Baby


Won’t Somebody Dance With Me

Disney Girls

Rock and Roll Survivor

Don’t Be Scared



Adult Child [Album Assembled June 27]

Life Is for the Living

Hey Little Tomboy

Deep Purple

H.E.L.P. Is on the Way [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]

It’s Over Now [Made in California]

Everybody Wants to Live

Shortenin’ Bread


On Broadway

Games Two Can Play [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]

It’s Trying to Say

Still I Dream of It [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]


Pacific Ocean Blue [September 16] [Dennis Wilson]

River Song

What’s Wrong


Friday Night


Thoughts of You


You and I

Pacific Ocean Blues

Fairwell My Friend


End of the Show

Tug of Love (Bonus)

Only With You (Bonus)

Holy Man (Bonus)

Mexico (Bonus)


How’s About A Little Bit Of Your Sweet Lovin’ [November 15]

Our Team [November 15] [Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys]

Why [November 18] [Made in California]

Go and Get That Girl [November 21]

Alone On Christmas Day [November 12]


Santa’s Got an Airplane [November-December] [Ultimate Christmas]

Christmas Time Is Here Again [November-December] [Ultimate Christmas]

(I Saw Santa) Rockin’ Around [November-December] [Ultimate Christmas]

Melekalikimaka [November-December] [Ultimate Christmas]

Bells of Christmas [November-December] [Ultimate Christmas]

Morning Christmas [November-December] [Ultimate Christmas]

Winter Symphony [November-December] [Ultimate Christmas]




It Could Be Anything (Where We Are) [February 11]


Almost Summer [May 8] [Celebration] [Unavailable On CD]

Almost Summer

Sad, Sad Summer


Lookin’ Good

Summer in the City

It’s OK


Island Girl

Christine and Bobby

We Are the Future

She Was a Lady


Looking Down the Coast [July 27]

Santa Anna Winds [August 22]

Calendar Girl [August 31]

California Feelin’ [September 1] [Made in California]


M.I.U. Album [October 2, 1978]

She’s Got Rhythm

Come Go With Me

Hey, Little Tomboy

Kona Coast

Peggy Sue

Wontcha Come Out Tonight

Sweet Sunday

Belles of Paris

Pitter Patter

My Diane

Match Point of Our Love

Winds of Change


I’m Begging You Please [October 6]

Drip Drop [October 19]


First Love [November / December] [Mike Love]

First Love

Too Cruel

You’re Looking Better

Little Darlin’

I Don’t Wanna Know

Brian’s Back


The Right Kind of Love





Country Love [November / December] [Mike Love]

Today I Started Loving You


Beth on the Mesa

Brand New Start

Baby I’m a Changed Man

Rock n Roll Country Bride

Everything I Touch Turns to Tears


My Side of the Bed

Everyone’s In Love With You

Some Sweet Day

Hey Good Lookin’


Brian’s Back [Endless Harmony Soundtrack]


Bambu [1977-1978] [Dennis Wilson] [Pacific Ocean Blue Reissue]

Under the Moonlight

It’s Not Too Late

School Girl

Love Remember Me

Love Surrounds Me

Wild Situation


Are You Real

He’s a Bum


I Love You

Constant Companion

Time for Bed

Album Tag Song

All Alone

Piano Variations on Thoughts of You

Holy Man (Taylor Hawkins Version)




Celebration [February 21] [Celebration] [Unavailable On CD]

Getting’ Hungry



She’s Just Out to Get You

I Don’t Wanna Know


Go and Get That Girl

How’s About a Little Bit

Song of Creation

Country Pie


L.A. (Light Album) [March 19, 1979]

Good Timin’

Lady Lynda

Full Sail

Angel Come Home

Love Surrounds Me


Here Comes the Night

Baby Blue

Goin’ South

Shortenin’ Bread


Skatetown U.S.A. [Spring 1979]

Jamaica Farewell [July 23]

It’s A Beautiful Day [October 18] [Made in California]

Goin’ To The Beach [December 13] [Made in California]




Keepin’ the Summer Alive [March 24, 1980]

Keepin’ the Summer Alive

Oh Darlin’

Some of Your love

Livin’ With a Heartache

School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell)

Goin’ On


When Girls Get Together

Santa Anna Winds

Endless Harmony


Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love [May 2] [Made in California]

Be My Baby [July]

Hot Summer Lovers [Early 80s]




Stevie [January 14]


Carl Wilson [March 27] [Carl Wilson]

Hold Me

Bright Lights

What You Gonna Do About Me

Right Lane

Hurry Love


The Grammy

Seems So Long Ago


The Beach Boys Medley [July 27] [The Beach Boys Rarities]


Looking Back With Love [October 8] [Mike Love] [Unavailable On CD]

Looking Back With Love

On and One and On

Runnin’ Around the World

Over and Over

Rockin’ the Man in the Boat

Calendar Girl

Be My Baby

One Good Reason

Teach Me Tonight

Paradise Found




Da Doo Ron Ron [February] [Made in California]

Yeahhh [Cocaine Sessions, November 1982]

Oh Lord [Cocaine Sessions, November 1982]

City Blues [Cocaine Sessions, November 1982]

Piano [Cocaine Sessions, November 1982]

You’ve Been Part 1 [Cocaine Sessions, November 1982]

You’ve Been Part 2 [Cocaine Sessions, November 1982]

I Feel So Fine [Cocaine Sessions, November 1982]

Heroes and Villains [Cocaine Sessions, November 1982]




Youngblood [February] [Carl Wilson]

What More Can I Say

She’s Mine

Givin’ You Up

One More Night Alone

Rockin’ All Over The World

What You Do to Me


Of the Times

Too Early to Tell

If I Could Talk to Love


Givin’ You Up


Rock ‘n’ Roll City [Mike Love & Dean Torrence]

Lightnin’ Strikes

The Letter

The Locomotion

Sugar Shack

Da Doo Ron Ron

Her Boyfriend’s Back





Chasin’ The Sky [April] [Unavailable On CD]

East Meets West [September] [Jersey Beat – The Music of Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons]

At The Hop [November 9]




The Beach Boys [June 10, 1985]

Getcha Back

It’s Gettin’ Late

Crack At Your Love

Maybe I Don’t Know

She Believes In Love Again

California Calling

Passing Friend

I’m So Lonely

Where I Belong

I Do Love You

It’s Just a Matter of Time

Male Ego




Rock and Roll to the Rescue [June 9] [Made in U.S.A.]

Christine [June 14] [Brian Wilson]

Heavenly Bodies [August] [Brian Wilson]

California Dreamin’ [September] [Made in California]

Lady Liberty [September] [Still Cruisin’ CD Single]

I’m Broke [September 17] [Brian Wilson]

Black Widow [Fall] [Brian Wilson]

Let’s Do It Again [Unknown, 1986] [Brian Wilson]




Let’s Go To Heaven In My Car [April 8] [Brian Wilson] [Brian Wilson]

Too Much Sugar [April 8] [Brian Wilson] [Brian Wilson]

Happy Endings [November 3] [Unavailable On CD]

Living Doll (Barbie) [Unknown, 1987] [Unavailable On CD]




He Couldn’t Get His Poor Ol’ Body To Move [July 1] [Brian Wilson] [Brian Wilson]


Brian Wilson [July 12]

Love and Mercy

Walkin’ the Line

Melt Away

Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long

Little Children

One for the Boys

There’s So Many

Night Time

Let It Shine

Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight

Rio Grande


Goodnight Irene [September] [Brian Wilson]




Being with the One You Love [January 19] [Brian Wilson] [Brian Wilson]

Daddy’s Little Girl [May] [Brian Wilson] [She’s Out of Control Original Soundtrack]


Still Cruisin’ [August 28, 1989]

Still Cruisin’

Somewhere Near Japan

Island Girl

In My Car


Wipe Out

Make It Big

I Get Around

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

California Girls


Metal Beach [August] [Brian Wilson] [Coast to Coast – Paul Shaffer]

Spirit of the Forest [August] [Brian Wilson] [Spirit of the Forest]




Problem Child [July] [Problem Child CD Single]




Sweet Insanity [Early 90s] [Brian Wilson]

Intro (Concert Tonight)

Someone to Love

Water Builds Up

Don’t Let Her Know (She’s an Angel)

Do You Have Any Regrets

Brian (Thank You)

The Spirit of Rock & Roll

Rainbow Eyes

Lova Ya

Make a Wish

Smart Girls

Country Feelin’



Turning Point [Brian Wilson]

Let’s Get Tonight [Brian Wilson]

Save The Day [Brian Wilson]


Crocodile Rock [May] [Two Rooms – Celebrating the Songs of Elton John]




Summer in Paradise [August 3, 1992]

Hot Fun in the Summertime


Summer of Love

Island Fever

Still Surfin’

Slow Summer Dancin’ (One Summer Night)

Strange Things Happen

Remember (Walking in the Sand)

Lahaina Aloha

Under the Boardwalk

Summer in Paradise





Summer in Paradise (UK Remix) [June 21, 1993] [Only Reworked Songs Listed]

Island Fever [Re-recorded]

Strange Things Happen [Remixed]

Under the Boardwalk [Remixed]

Summer in Paradise [Re-recorded]

Forever [Remixed]




Bells of Madness [February] [Brian Wilson] [Trios – Rob Wasserman]




Mary Ann [March 6] [Brian Wilson]

Marketplace [March 10] [Brian Wilson]

Sweets For My Sweet [March] [Brian Wilson] [Till The Night Is Gone]

This Could Be The Night [May 9] [Brian Wilson] [For The Love of Harry]


I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times [August 15, 1995] [Brian Wilson]

Meant For You

This Whole World

Caroline, No

Let the Wind Blow

Love and Mercy

Do It Again

The Warmth of the Sun


Still I Dream of It

Melt Away

Til I Die



In My Moondreams [September 5] [Brian Wilson] [Pulp Surfin’]

This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight [October] [Brian Wilson] [Do It Again CD Single]

You’re Still A Mystery [November 8] [Made In California]

Soul Searchin’ [November 8] [Made In California]

It’s Not Easy Bein’ Me [November 8] [Brian Wilson]

Some Sweet Day [November] [Brian Wilson]

Goin’ Home [November] [Brian Wilson]

Slightly American Music [November] [Brian Wilson]

Proud Mary [November] [Brian Wilson]

Chain Reaction of Love [November] [Brian Wilson]

Frankie Avalon [November] [Brian Wilson]

Dancin’ The Night Away [November] [Brian Wilson]

God Did It [November] [Brian Wilson]

What Rock and Roll Can Do [November] [Brian Wilson]


Orange Crate Art [November 14] [Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks]

Orange Crate Art

Sail Away

My Hobo Heart

Wings of a Dove

Palm Tree and Moon

Summer In Monterey

San Francisco

Hold Back Time

My Jeanine

Movies Is Magic

This Town Goes Down at Sunset





Catch a Wave [Mike Love]

Catch a Wave

Do It Again

I Get Around

California Girls

Fun Fun Fun

Surfin’ Safari


Surfin’ U.S.A.

Surfer Girl


Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 [August 19, 1996]

Don’t Worry Baby

Little Deuce Coupe


Long Tall Texan

I Get Around

Be True to Your School

Fun, Fun, Fun

Help Me Rhonda

The Warmth of the Sun

Sloop John B.

I Can Hear Music

Caroline, No

In My Room




The Wilsons [September 9] [The Wilson] [Only Songs Featuring Brian Listed]

Monday Without You


Til I Die

Everything I Need




Salute To Nascar [February] [Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, David Marks]

Intro & I Get Around

Little Deuce Coupe

Little Old Lady From Pasadena


Shut Down

Little GTO

Ballad of Ole’ Betsy

Little Honda

Fun, Fun, Fun

Don’t Worry Baby


Imagination [June 16] [Brian Wilson]

Your Imagination

She Says That She Needs Me

South American

Where Has Love Been

Keep an Eye on Summer

Dream Angel


Lay Down Burden

Let Him Run Wild


Happy Days






Like A Brother [2000] [Beckley-Lamm-Wilson]


Feel the Spirit

I Wish For You

Run Don’t Walk

Watching the Time

Life in Motion

Sheltering Sky

They’re Only Words

Without Her

Like a Brother


Live at the Roxy [June] [Brian Wilson] [Only New Songs Listed]

The First Time

This Isn’t Love




Hungry Heart [May] [Mike Love] [Tribute to Bruce Springsteen]




California Feelin’ [Brian Wilson] [Classics Selected by Brian Wilson]






Gettin’ in Over My Head [June 22] [Brian Wilson]

How Could We Still Be Dancin’

Soul Searchin’

You’ve Touched Me

Getting’ In Over My Head

City Blues

Desert Drive

A Friend Like You

Make a Wish

Rainbow Eyes

Saturday Morning in the City

Fairy Tale

Don’t Let Her Know She’s an Angel

The Waltz


Brian Wilson Presents Smile [September 28] [Brian Wilson]

Our Prayer/Gee

Heroes and Villains

Roll Plymouth Rock


Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine

Cabin Essence


Song for Children

Child is Father of the Man

Surf’s Up

I’m In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around


On a Holiday

Wind Chimes

Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow

In Blue Hawaii

Good Vibrations


Mike Love Not War [Circa 2004] [Mike Love]

Unleash the Love

Cool Head

Anything for You

Thank You

Pisces Brothers

Everyone’s In Love With You

10,000 Years

Glow Crescent Glow


Too Cruel

Brian’s Back

I Don’t Wanna Know

Love Foundation

Only One World




What I Really Want For Christmas [October 18] [Brian Wilson]

The Man With All the Toys

What I Really Want for Christmas

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

O Holy Night

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

The First Noel


Little Saint Nick

Deck the Halls

Auld Lang Syne

On Christmas Day

Joy to the World

Silent Night


Walkin’ Down the Path of Life [November 1] [Brian Wilson] [Walkin’ Down the Path of Life/Love and Mercy’




Spirit of Rock & Roll [May 15] [Brian Wilson] [Songs From Here & Back]

PT Cruiser [May 15] [Al Jardine] [Songs From Here & Back]

Cool Head, Warm Heart [May 15] [Mike Love] [Songs From Here & Back]

Santa’s Goin’ to Kokomo [November] [Mike Love] [Hope for the Holidays]




 Speed Turtle [September 7] [Brian Wilson] [Sandra Boynton’s Bloo Moo]

Heaven [September 21] [Brian Wilson] [Unavailable on CD]




That Lucky Old Sun [September 2] [Brian Wilson]

That Lucky Old Sun

Morning Beat

Room with a View

Good Kind of Love

Forever She’ll Be My Surfer Girl

Venice Beach

Live Let Live/That Lucky Old Sun (Reprise)

Mexican Girl

Cinco De Mayo

California Role/That Lucky Old Sun (Reprise)

Between Pictures

Oxygen to the Brain

Can’t Wait Too Long

Midnight’s Another Day

That Lucky Old Sun (Reprise)

Going Home

Southern California

Oh Mi Amor (iTunes Bonus Track) [Unavailable On CD]

Message Man (iTunes Bonus Track) [Unavailable On CD]

Good Kind of Love (with Carole King) (Best Buy Bonus Track)

I’m Into Something Good (with Carole King) (Best Buy Bonus Track)

Just Like Me and You (Best Buy Bonus Track)




What Love Can Do [August 4] [Brian Wilson] [What Love Can Do]




A Postcard From California [June 29] [Al Jardine]

A Postcard from California

California Feelin’

Looking Down the Coast

Don’t Fight the Sea

Tidepool Interlude

Campfire Scene

A California Saga

Help Me Rhonda

San Simeon


Honkin’ Down the Highway

California Deamin’

And I Always Will

Waves of Love

Sloop John B (A Pirate’s Tale)

Waves of Love (Alternate Version) [Japanese Edition Bonus Track]

Eternal Ballad [Japanese Edition Bonus Track]


Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin [August 17] [Brian Wilson]

Rhapsody in Blue (Intro)

The Like in I Love You


I Loves You Porgy

I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’

It Ain’t Necessarily So

’S Wonderful

They Can’t Take That Away From Me

Love Is Here to Stay

I’ve Got a Crush on You

I Got Rhythm

Someone to Watch Over Me

Nothing But Love

Rhapsody in Blue (Reprise)




In The Key Of Disney [October 24] [Brian Wilson]

You’ve Got a Friend

Bare Necessities

Baby Mine

Kiss the Girl

Colors of the Wind

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

We Belong Together

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Stay Awake

Heigh-Ho/Whistle While You Work

When You Wish Upon a Star




Do It Again (2012 Version) [That’s Why God Made the Radio Japanese Version]


That’s Why God Made the Radio [June 5, 2012]

Think About the Days

That’s Why God Made the Radio

Isn’t It Time

Spring Vacation

The Private Life of Bill and Sue


Daybreak Over the Ocean

Beaches in Mind

Strange World

From There to Back Again

Pacific Coast Highway

Summer’s Gone


Isn’t It Time (Single Version) [August 27] [Made in California]








No Pier Pressure [April 7] [Brian Wilson]

This Beautiful Day

Runaway Dancer

Whatever Happened

On the Island

Half Moon Bay

Our Special Love

The Right Time

Guess You Had to Be There

Don’t Worry

Somewhere Quiet

I’m Feeling Sad

Tell Me Why

Sail Away

One Kind of Love

Saturday Night

The Last Song

In the Back of My Mind (Bonus Track)

Love and Mercy (Bonus Track)


Alone On Christmas Day [November] [Mike Love] [Unavailable On CD]






Do It Again [Mike Love] [Unavailable On CD]







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